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Vote for Jose! Just kidding – Vote for Me!

Posted in Personal by Focus Photography, Inc. on September 29, 2008

Hi everyone!  I have a quick favor to ask of you… if you could please take a minute to vote for me on this website when you have a chance.  It is super easy, you just click on the yellow button – say a few nice words and kabam!  We’re done!  

I usually don’t do these type of things but being that I do have a bit of a competitive nature 😉  I absolutely must win title of Best Photographer!  So like I said, if you have time, I would appreciate it!  Here is the link:

Click right here to vote!

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  1. Regina Z said, on October 7, 2008 at 5:52 am

    Janel Conlan is tthe best wedding photographer!!! We communicated with many of them in search for the right one, and are delighted we ended our search with her. Janel has a keen focus for what works.

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