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Off to the Motherland! (well my husband’s motherland)…

Posted in Uncategorized by Focus Photography, Inc. on July 29, 2010

So if you haven’t heard yet, my husband and I have planned a trip to Ireland this month and we are so excited!  If you know me, you know I am everything but Irish… and if you know my husband, you may think he is part leprechaun~ lol!  I think it has something to do with the strawberry blonde hair.  Either way, I cannot wait to get there and snap away- the castles, the rolling hills, the lush greenery, and of course the pubs 😉

Caitlin will be here if anyone needs anything and I will be checking my email periodically.  I will not however be checking voicemail as that is a fortune (I learned my lesson our last trip to Italy & France).  So if you need me, email or text me… but first try Caitlin because she is AMAZING!  Her email is or you can call her directly at (949)342-4443

See you soon (with photos)!!

xoxoxo,  Janel

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